Boy Scouts of America WWTP & Impoundment

  • impoundment with liner
  • Pouring Concrete Foundations
  • WWTP Vessels
  • Access Hatches
  • building the support for the structure for pre-engineered metal building

Boy Scouts of America WWTP & Impoundment

Fayette County, WV

West Virginians are proud of our history, our landscape, and our people.  From our rugged mountains to tranquil lakes and streams, West Virginia offers a truly one-of-a kind outdoor experience that we hope can be shared by all. Fortunately for the Mountain State, the Boy Scouts of America saw the beauty and appeal of our back yard as well. They decided to build a new home here for the Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree to be held in July of 2013 and again in 2017. The site also had to be large enough to host the World Scouting Jamboree in 2019. With an estimated 50,000 scouts expected to be in attendance it was time to get to work!

ORDERS Construction Company was awarded the contract to build a 12 million gallon wastewater impoundment and treatment plant in September of 2012. The project consisted of constructing the large impoundment with 2 liners, multiple vessel installations, and a smaller impoundment near the pre-engineered metal building. We also installed thousands of feet of piping, along with pumps and various processing and electrical equipment that run the facility.

This was a challenging project for many reasons. First was the timeframe- completion and start up of this facility had to be finished in roughly 10 months to meet the July 2013 deadline. Second was the location- the 10,600 acre facility was undeveloped so access was difficult and a phenomenal amount of site work had to take place.  Lastly was the time of year- the majority of the work needed to be completed during  winter months and as all builders know, construction in a southern West Virginia winter is at best, difficult.